Pharmacy Automation

Cornerstone Automation Systems takes a holistic approach when it comes to designing pharmacy automation systems and inventory management software. We provide turnkey solutions that help from the determination of bulk demand all the way through verification and receipt of medication.


SolidSuite Rx is a web based fulfillment system designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. The software streamlines packaging, distribution, inventory, reporting, and control over the entire process. The standard suite offers various levels of visibility, controls, and real-time stats. Additional modules for specific operational needs are added as needed. This modular approach allows users to add functionality as system requirements evolve over time.

SolidSuite RX Modules

SolidPackRx [more]

  • Prepack Scheduler – allows a facility to plan packaging production. The module includes a feature for linking PO’s electronically with orders and tracking through the entire process. Scheduling based on production capability and inventory requirements.
  • Expanded features for advanced tracking of product and scripts are available as well.
  • CardInspect – visual inspection of each card for barcode quality, flaws, missing pills, or other exceptions
  • CardImage – archive card images and label information in real time.

Inventory Control [more]

  • Receiving Module – Provides ability to receive bulk drugs and products to inventory. Provides a new drug pharmacist verification before product is allowed to receive.
  • Automatic put away location prompting allowing drugs to be grouped together.
  • Inventory movement tools providing ability to move inventory, verify inventory, reset inventory, and many other features.
  • Complete tracking of drugs throughout system.
  • Wasting Module – track all waste from blister cards back to vendor, unusable returns, run reports per item, vendor, or custom objects and views.

Script Processing and Fulfillment (SPF) [more]

  • Prescription Validation – CASI tracks every blister, and prescription. Validation is an absolute must in today’s distribution environment.
  • AutoPickRx – automatically dispense fast movers to maintain continuous production.
  • SolidPickRx – provides the backbone for multi-line and multi-batch, wave, and manual pick for slower movers using standard RF terminals. Picking directed to location by minimum operator movement and oldest expiration date.
  • SolidPickRx Voice – same as above utilizing voice technology for hands free picking.
  • Script Labeling – automatically labels either inkjet or print/apply to each blister pack
  • Script Label Validation – accurate scan verification of all labeled items back to order
  • Script Image Archive – Provide archive of script fills by storing image of pill view, patient label and drug package label. Card images are stored relative the script ID of the fill.
  • Script Shipping Sortation Module – utilizes CASI’s sort to order processing on the patent pending SortMaster 150 platform. Typical system throughput is up to 100 items per minute.
  • Shipping Tote Tracking Module – Provides ability to track scripts to the shipping tote or box. Allows the ability to consolidate orders to different shipping totes or boxes to reduce shipping costs.
  • Shipping Module – Shipping Module offers direct interfacing to either customer hosted shipping software or direct to carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, TNT, and many more regional and LTL carriers.
  • RxTracker – Offering views and expanded detail of every transaction down to patient name or script number. Users can search to find out all associated history of a script. RxTracker provides status of current orders on the line, tote, orders being filled, etc. and tracks every step from filling to delivery.
  • ASN (Advanced Ship Notification) – ASN allows users to have documentation of expected deliveries to know what deliveries are pending via email notification.
  • Customer Portal Receiving Website – End user has the ability to know what will be received can do returns as well. The site tracks patient location and patient transfers/changes. This allows transfers to orders already in route.

RxReturns [more]

  • Recalls Module – Track recalls by lot number, drug type. Recall module also tracks every card produced on a recalled lot, where it is located, and by patients who may currently have the recalled drug. Provides tools to pull all recalled drugs from inventory and move to a return location.

RxReclamation [more]

  • Card Returns Inspection Module – Provides ability to inspect cards for broken blisters to count remaining drugs on a returned card.
  • Provides reporting of return amount for a fill script.
  • Returns Sortation – Ability to sort unused cards by drug type for return to stock.
  • Reclaim Batch Processor – Used to group drugs of the same type into a batch for repacking.
  • Maintains all lot and production traceability back to the original pre-pack production batch.

SolidCommRx [more]

  • CASI brings the highest level of expertise in its approach to customer host interfacing. SolidComm Rx expands typical configurations by offering sync with third party ordering systems, outbound fill verification, and the means of transmitting data between multiple systems for counting, bulk receiving, prepack scheduling, and script filling.


  • Sort Lane Video Audit – CASI’s proven method for pick and pack verification automatically builds video stream of order process with automatic archiving by date, shipping lane, or order ID.
  • Pre-Pack Room Video Audit – Provides a video log of pre-pack production process stored by production lot number.
  • Dashboard – Displays key facility metrics to allow operators focus on production goals and deadlines.