SolidCube 3000 Dimensioning System

dimensioning system

SolidCube 3000 series pictured with a CASI 951 integrated scale as a checkweigher/cuber system.

Finally, a low cost cubing system designed specifically or FedEx/UPS/DHL, etc. The new SolidCube 3000 from CASI provides the automation needed for shipping operations without the cost of extreme cubing accuracy not needed for common carriers. The 3000
Series also allows for various checkweigher options. SolidCube 3000 systems are designed for shipping systems requiring
a .25″ accuracy for dimensional requirements. Depending on throughput and accuracy needs for weight, the SolidCube 3000 easily houses a 921 intermittent scale, the standard 951 manifesting checkweigher, or even the high speed 971.

The SolidCube 3000 series utilizes primarily off the shelf components rather than proprietary controllers, giving the customer the ability to purchase replacement parts from local vendors.

Sample Checkweigh/Cube Configurations

  • CASI 3921 – SolidCube 3000 with integrated CASI 921 intermittent scale
  • CASI 3951 - SolidCube 3000 with integrated CASI 951 in motion checkweigher
  • CASI 3961 - SolidCube 3000 with integrated CASI 961 higher accuracy checkweigher
  • CASI 3851 - SolidCube 3000 with integrated CASI 851 small part checkweigher


  • Real-time Checkweigh/Cube
  • Freight Manifesting – dim/weigh verification
  • Common Carrier dimensional weight compliance


All control is delivered from the rugged CASI Core industrial PC for integrated applications where other functions such as labeling or sortation are required. CASI controllers use solid state data storage, a 23 inch widescreen high resolution HMI and the programming and network flexibility only a Windows 7 product can deliver. remote support
CASI Core offers standard Ethernet & serial and optional
DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus and Ethernet/IP as options.


Options / Accessories

SolidCube products offer the widest array of options of any in motion cubing and weighing systems on the market. Our custom integration service will customize the system to your specifications by including fixed position barcode scanners, RF Tag Readers, Product Diverts, etc. Some of the more popular options are listed below: