Pick to Light System

pick to light system

CASI pick to light system stands out as one of the most efficient and timely order picking methods when compared to other paper based picking solutions. Because it is a visual method, the system is more intuitive than printed orders, thus picking accuracy is far greater than paper based methods. The worker is guided by lights to the precise warehouse locations where the ordered items are to be chosen. The simplicity of the process means there is very little staff training to implement the system.

Using Pick to Light

Pick to llight is typically associated with applications with a small number of SKUs and a large amount of picks per SKU, although it can be used in large sized installations with a large SKU count. PTL is typically used in product areas with a medium to high turnover, and often combined with radio frequency (RF) systems in order to cover areas with lower turnover.

pick to light indicator
Typical pick to light display. Each SKU has a display instructing operator of next action.

Compared with many other paperless picking solutions, a pick to light system stands out as one of the quickest and most efficient order picking methods when SKU counts are low and line items per order are high. PTL is highly efficient when items to pick are smaller in size and weight.

Pick to Light Applications

Depending on how orders are packed or consolidated, pick to light operations vary.

Light Picking > Pick to Belt > Sort to Pack

Order picking to belt is described as each item on multiple orders are placed on a belt and then sorted to pack stations in large batches or waves. Lights on the pick module display to workers the item and quantity to pick. The items are then conveyed, scanned, and sorted to pack stations. This process may also apply to dispensing (machine picking) and voice or RF picking. It allows operators to pick in high volumes, sort items to pack stations, and streamline the entire process without paper. See a case study of sort to pack.

Light Picking > Pick to Carton or Tote

CASI also utilizes light picking processes in pick to carton or pick to tote processes.This pick method generally begins with reading a barcode on the carton (or tote). This activates the digital display corresponding to the articles to be picked. The display lights up, showing the amount to pick from each location. The worker confirms picking operations by pressing the display confirm button. Although the process itself is typically very similar for each pick, the system may be structured in various ways depending on the number of product references and the layout of the warehouse. CASI understands that different picking systems have different criteria, so we adapt every system to fit each customer’s unique requirements. The choice of the ‘pick to’ method will depend on customer needs, SKU mix, facility footprint, space limitations, etc.

Put to Light

Just as lights can be used for picking, put to light refers to “putting” items into cartons or totes in batches. A picking cart with several boxes or totes will indicate where to put each item as it is picked or in a consoliation/pack station there may be a series of open cartons with associated lights to indicate picked items placement.

Interfacing Pick to Light Technology

CASI can use existing WMS picking routines with pick to light as well as integrating SolidPick to the system. SolidPick allows CASI to assist in flow or complete redesign of the picking routine as needed to address specific needs in your environment and unique business rules. Order picking  without a system in place can be quite cumbersome in terms of efficiency and indirect cost. As much as 60% of picking time is related to travel; whether it is walking or using a forklift to pick orders. Light picking is one method of reducing wasted travel time and in taking advantage of a hands free operation. Implementation and training are usually quick. Adjusting for peak seasonality is accomplished by purchasing a few extra terminals; which is far cheaper than employees or temporary workers. Light picking systems from CASI are designed to meet customer requirements for high performance, modularity, reliability and flexibility.