License Plate Barcode (LPN) Confirmation Scan

license plate barcode scan
Barcode Label Verification

License Plate Number (LPN) barcodes are used as a way to identify individual orders on single and multiple carton orders during the picking and fulfillment process. LPN’s are very useful for several reasons including pick verification, label verification (pass/fail barcode read), and consolidating orders if they were picked in zones, batches, or have multiple cartons.

The process is fairly simple, but very effective. Cases are erected manually or by an automatic case erector. The carton is indexed forward on the conveyor where a printer applicator places a shipping label and/or LPN in a designated area. Some shipping labels include the LPN on the label while other applications call for separate labels. For big box retailers, the shipping label is typically placed on a corner where it will be facing the outside once the carton is palletized. Once the shipping label is applied, the label confirmation barcode scanner confirms proper label placement and detects any printer malfunctions by scanning the barcode. If the label does not exist or printed label is a “no read”, the carton is either diverted, or the system may also be set up to stop operation as a lower cost/lower volume operation dictates.

Product Divert / QC Station

exceptions processing
Labels not meeting verification standard are diverted to QC station