IBOD Box Opening Systems

CASI now offers a fully automatic box opener– IBOD Single (intelligent box opening device) is a fully programmable carton opening system capable of removing the top from cartons automatically at rates up to 600 cartons per hour. Add more power with IBOD Double, which opens up to 1000 cartons per hour.Speed will greatly depend on the size of box, cut depth, and other variables which alter cut times.

PATENT # 7,720,567IBOD – The Safest Way to Open Boxes – and the Fastest!

IBOD Single
case slitter
IBOD Double
case slitter
IBOD 12M Casecutter
case slitter
IBOD Single is perfect for 100% safe box opening at 600 per hour. Unmatched logic and price. Adjusts to random sizes and cuts. Inline or standalone with casters. IBOD Double is an extension of IBOD Single with 2 in-feeds and rates around 1000 per hour. Sorting and other options available. The 12M Casecutter option is designed for DC’s opening cigarette cartons for distribution. Rates up to 12 CPM and much faster for standard cartons.
Automated Case Extraction decaser Auto Blade Changer
inline scales
Pick Window Option
IBOD (automated case extraction) empties contents of cartons to bins, conveyor, hoppers, etc. after top and liner is opened by IBOD. Need more automation? IBOD will never have to slow down to have a blade changed. This option is perfect for fast moving DC’s and high volume. Need to cut tape lines only? This option is perfect if you need to save the carton
or reseal it later.